Photo Tours

Below are several pictures of our Aberdeen PRP facility. Please click on the thumbnail photos if you’d like to see a larger copy open in a separate window for you to view.  We hope that you will look around and feel at home.

Click here if you would like to see some of the artwork from our recent Art Show Open House.

Community Room:

community_room_1_thumbnail   community_room_2_thumbnail   community_room_3_thumbnail   community_room_5_thumbnail
community_room_6_thumbnail1           pool_3_thumbnail

Woodshop, Computer Lab, & Lunch Line Door:

woodshop_1_thumbnail   woodshop_2_thumbnail   computer_lab_1_thumbnail   lunchline_1_thumbnail

Exercise Room, Gazebo, & Kitchen:

workout_1_thumbnail   workout_2_thumbnail   gazebo_1_thumbnail1   kitchen_1_thumbnail

Client Lounge and Main Classroom:

lounge_1_thumbnail   main_classroom_1_thumbnail   main_classroom_2_thumbnail   main_classroom_6_thumbnail
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