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New Schedule Innovations for June 2012

1 Jun

We are trying several innovations for our new weekly schedule which starts Monday.  You can find it here.

Goal Time: We are adding several offerings to our short informal 20-30 minute Goal Time period.  Goal Time is when clients can work on individual rehabilitation goals or meet one-on-one with their rehabilitation counselors.  Increasingly, its also becoming a short period for client-run clubs and very small special interest classes that staff are especially enthusiastic about but which would not generate enough client participation for our formal class schedule:

  • Goal Time — Connections:  Liz Tutino is running a new program twice per week with our young adults.   It is geared towards youth issues and interests (most members are early middle age) and emphasizes social skills and even occasional dating concerns.
  • Goal Time — 50 and Over:  Wanda Moore is getting together with our seniors (roughly age 50 or so) who enjoy a slower pace, classic movies and music, puzzles, and mature company.
  • Goal Time — Spanish Club: Our new summer intern (with staff oversight and a strong assist from Ann) is taking over Spanish Club from departing intern Angelica and promises to carry on the language acquisition gains of this past spring as well as provide a bit of Hispanic culture for our clients.
  • Goal Time — Sign Language:  Intern Courtnee Wright (with staff oversight) is testing out interest in a Sign Language Club this month and hopes to add more culture and learning to our environment.

Classes:  Our biggest change is the test implementation of a quarterly registration system.  Clients have been asked to register for one class for each day they attend and committ to it through the end of August.  This has the advantage of allowing teachers to try and go into more depth in given subjects since the same people will be in the room weekly.  It also helps with class size balancing.  We will evaluate how well this works going forwards.  Counselors in conjunction with clients can waive requirements on an as-needed basis (like letting a client switch classes).

Our other big change is the addition of team meetings.  Each counselor has one class period per week in which they meet with their own case load.  This is an opportunity for the counselor to efficiently address the same issue occuring across several clients all at once.  Teams may evolve into a friendly competition, a team-building experience, a smaller homebase group of peers for newer clients to relate to, etc.  We’ll also monitor how this initiative fares.

Other smaller class schedule changes include the conclusion of Michael’s long-running Emotional Management/Anger Control Training class, the addition of a Wellness Self Mangement class run by Liz, and a Leisure skills class run by Jeff.  Michael will be taking over Psychology 101 and moving it to Fridays.

— Michael


Happy Halloween

1 Nov

Happy Halloween from the more than slightly goofy staff at the Aberdeen PRP (some of us anyway) and our friends from the Johns Hopkins ACHIEVE exercise study!


Class Schedule

1 Aug

I’m rather liking our current class schedule.

It has several advantages:

  • Several small Goal Time activities — many of them client-run — including Spanish club, women’s club, and men’s club
  • Qigong 2x per week through the end of August
  • 3 to 4 concurrent afternoon classes almost every day of the week
  • New “Life After Diagnosis”, “Crossword Crew”, and “Current Events” classes

It’s a happening schedule — lots of activity right now.

— Michael

Staffing Updates

1 Aug

We have several new staff members this summer at the Aberdeen PRP. 

Wanda Moore has completed transitioning into a part-time counselor position.  She started as a driver this spring and came to us with experience in counseling from the ARC and other employers as well as a passion for helping clients.  Wanda has been a fixture in the community room, helping with ACHIEVE classes when she did not have to, and volunteering to assist with the client-run Spanish club and Frisbee in the park with Chris.

Denton Asdourian is a student intern with our Aberdeen PRP on Fridays from James Madison University.   He is planning to become a clinical psychologist.

Chris Manzo is a student from Salisbury University with our Aberdeen PRP on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.   He has been here since early summer and is helping teach Psychology 101 and Emotional Management.

Darwayne Moran Sr. has joined the Aberdeen PRP staff as a part-time driver.  He has most recently been a delivery truck driver after a long career as a mechanic, fireman, and member of the military.

Melissa Potemra has switched to a job closer to home and we are all reluctant to see her go.  We wish her the best.  She has been a really good counselor!  Melissa is staying on with Key Point as a relief Residential counselor.

Adjustment Disorder Training

30 Jun

Key Point and CBH have teamed-up to offer an interesting training on July 21st in Baltimore on Attachment Disorder in children.  Amongst other points, the workshop covers diagnostic difficulties, some techniques parents and therapists can use with these children, and the similarities between Attachment Disorder and Developmental Trauma Disorder.

This has obtained approval for 6.5 CEUs for LCPC/LGPC counselors since the brochure was printed.

Click here to download the brochure and registration information.

More information can also be obtained by calling 443-625-1583.

Registration deadline is July 14th.  Cost is $75.


Staffing Update

10 Jun

Liz Tutino has been promoted to the position of residential manager for our Harford County residential program.  We look forward to working with her in her new role and are very glad she is still nearby!

Monika Butke has joined us as a new full-time rehabilitation counselor effective this week.  Monika brings with her some fantastic experience in behavioral and educational plan creation.  In addition to her mental health background, she packs strong capabilities in the MR, substance abuse, and forensics areas.  She has a master’s in forensic psychology with a concentration in substance abuse from John Jay College of Criminal Justice / CUNY.

Wanda Moore is gradually stepping into her new role as a part-time counselor with the PRP during late June.  Since her hire as a driver several weeks ago she has spent every spare moment when not driving helping out in the computer lab, in the community room, and with classes.  More on her background and experience here.

Thanks for the Tickets!

2 Jun

The City of Aberdeen occasionally helps out social service agencies with Ripken Stadium baseball tickets.

Several Key Point clients and employees are very happy right now that we will get to go to an Iron Birds baseball game one lovely Saturday evening this June.

We’d like to thank Scott Hunsinger and the city for making this a happy place to live and do business!

— Michael