A Typical Day at PRP

A typical day at a Key Point PRP starts with transportation on our private van fleet to the program site where breakfast is served and a morning client-run meeting held. After morning announcements, most days there are offsite trips to places like the mall, bowling, shopping, the park, and movies.  Each month special destination trips are planned – some of them all day affairs.  After lunch, classes such as social skills, food and nutrition, arts and crafts, woodshop, computers, world religions, relaxation skills training, drug and alcohol education, physical fitness, and more may be held.

Each client also meets regularly one-on-one with their rehabilitation counselors for case management of benefits and to work on individual rehabilitation goals. Goals can address the spectrum of recovery needs, including symptom and illness management, social skills enhancement, independent living abilities, wellness, and workforce readiness. Often our clients attend therapy and psychiatric appointments at our nearby clinic, or head offsite for work and educational opportunities.

We also have associated Mental Health Clinics with board certified psychiatrists and licensed, experienced therapists. Our Residential Programs offer various levels of assisted living. Our Outreach Programs provide in-home assistance and case management to persons able to thrive in the community in their own apartments and houses. Please click here to go to our homepage or see the button bar to the left for more information about these programs and Key Point Health Services in general.

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