Archive | March, 2012

Spring Flowers Sprout

29 Mar

Our clients and staff completed a very nice art decoration project for the PRP community room today.  Everything is brighter and more festive!










Summer Olympics Goal Completion Contest

23 Mar

In honor of the Summer Olympics our theme for 2012 is “Going for the Goal.”  Every time an individual completes a rehabilitation goal they are awarded a paper “Gold Medal”.  These medals will hang on the wall in the community room for the entire year.  Special privileges, such as being first for lunch and trips, are part of the recognition of their hard work.  Currently we have several goals completed for 2012 and we anticipate many more in the months to come.

The idea of providing public recognition and privledges for goal completion has worked well in the past.  We are hoping to tie into the excitement of the Summer Olympics and also use this as a tool to increase client awareness of new events and help them stay excited about going-on in the world around them.

December Happenings

23 Mar

Key Point PRP had several celebrations in December.  The holidays were kicked off with a gift exchange sponsored by Mountain Christian Church.  Each client selected a random gift and had the opportunity to “steal” a gift from another client.  It was an exciting morning with presents being passed around and around. Some of the presents clients left with were sweatshirts, gift cards, Raven’s merchandise, perfume, and many other special gifts.

At the end of December clients were recognized for the completion of rehabilitation goals during the past year.  Each month the individual who completed a goal was awarded a paper brick with their name on it.  This symbolized their “Recovery at Work” – the theme for 2011.  As a group 117 goals were completed.  Several clients completed 4 goals each!  These achievements were celebrated with noisemakers and sparkling grape juice.  One of the clients said a toast for the group.