Archive | August, 2011

Class Schedule

1 Aug

I’m rather liking our current class schedule.

It has several advantages:

  • Several small Goal Time activities — many of them client-run — including Spanish club, women’s club, and men’s club
  • Qigong 2x per week through the end of August
  • 3 to 4 concurrent afternoon classes almost every day of the week
  • New “Life After Diagnosis”, “Crossword Crew”, and “Current Events” classes

It’s a happening schedule — lots of activity right now.

— Michael


Staffing Updates

1 Aug

We have several new staff members this summer at the Aberdeen PRP. 

Wanda Moore has completed transitioning into a part-time counselor position.  She started as a driver this spring and came to us with experience in counseling from the ARC and other employers as well as a passion for helping clients.  Wanda has been a fixture in the community room, helping with ACHIEVE classes when she did not have to, and volunteering to assist with the client-run Spanish club and Frisbee in the park with Chris.

Denton Asdourian is a student intern with our Aberdeen PRP on Fridays from James Madison University.   He is planning to become a clinical psychologist.

Chris Manzo is a student from Salisbury University with our Aberdeen PRP on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.   He has been here since early summer and is helping teach Psychology 101 and Emotional Management.

Darwayne Moran Sr. has joined the Aberdeen PRP staff as a part-time driver.  He has most recently been a delivery truck driver after a long career as a mechanic, fireman, and member of the military.

Melissa Potemra has switched to a job closer to home and we are all reluctant to see her go.  We wish her the best.  She has been a really good counselor!  Melissa is staying on with Key Point as a relief Residential counselor.