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Oktoberfest & Halloween

29 Oct

The Aberdeen PRP teamed up with our Residential services to provide an Oktoberfest party.  Clients at the parties enjoyed apple cider, pies, pork, potato salad, and other German favorites.  There was modern and traditional music and dancing.  Festive decor brightened the scene.

Later today the PRP is hosting its annual Halloween party.  There is a raffle with tickets provided for winning games, wearing of costumes, and general participation.  Games will include “Candy Count”, “Who Am I?” (sign on your back and you have to guess name it says), a mummy game, and “Spooky Bingo”.


New Lighter Healthier Breakfast Menu

29 Oct

Kevin has reviewed the breakfast menu with the ACHIEVE dietary staff (Johns Hopkins exercise study).  We will be offering a lighter healthier menu for breakfast starting In November.  Breakfast choices include Cheerios (both plain and honey nut), Rice Krispies, Total, Special K. We will also serve lo fat yogurt and 1% milk.  Other low fat breakfast items are being studied.

Usefulness of Both Medication and Psychosocial Interventions

12 Oct

There is a new study in the Archives of General Psychiatry (reported on in Science Daily) that may show the usefulness of combining both medication and psychosocial interventions for early-stage schnizophrenia.  It’s good to have a study validating of common sense – too many clients seem to receive medications alone in our society.

Click here to see the article from Science Daily on this study.

New Computer Lab Tutorals

8 Oct

Residential and PRP client Michael has started work as our Aberdeen PRP computer lab assistant.  Every Tuesday and Thursday at Goal Time he will be helping out other clients.  Tuesdays are mental health day — clients can utilize the Optimism, MoodGYM, and Ecouch online programs as well as look-up medication- and diagnosis-related information.  Thursdays help is available for all manner of other assistance from email to FaceBook to typing tutor programs.

I think this regular assistance will help a lot of people learn to better utilize computer resources.

— Michael

New Books for Borderline Personality

1 Oct

I see that we have at least 4 new and arriving clients with Borderline Personality traits.  In order to assist both clients and staff I am beefing-up our workbook library on this topic.

I have ordered the following three books:

1) I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me: Understanding the Borderline Personality – A mass-market paperback on the illness and one of the older classics.  This book has 71 5-star ratings on Amazon.

2) The Angry Heart: Overcoming Borderline and Addictive Disorders : An Interactive Self-Help Guide

3) The Scarred Soul: Understanding & Ending Self-Inflicted Violence – This is a top-notch workbook on dealing with behaviors like cutting, burning, picking, etc.  Clients working through the questions in each chapter will explore the dozens of reasons why they self-harm, triggers leading to it, and eventually what they can do instead.  This workbook has been a personal favorite of mine for awhile.

We already own books like Stop Walking on Eggshells for families of people with BPD, and some of the WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) materials.

Staff members have been directed to review some of the Essential Learning training classes on BPD.

I continue to teach an Emotional Management class based on a curriculum specifically intended for persons with BPD.

— Michael