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Road Repair

23 Sep

Our drivers, clients, and several care providers are grateful to the Maryland State Highway Administration for their **2-3 business day** response time when we requested services to fill in ruts with stone and cut vegetation obscuring the view of traffic at the intersection of Rt. 7 and Catafalque Road in Abingdon.

The picture is a before photo.  It’s now much safer for our vans to pull out onto busy Route 7!

— Michael


New Ice Machine

23 Sep

This may not be exciting news to all, but we are delighted to not be continually calling ice machine repair people anymore.  Accurate Air Mechanical Services did a good job at a fair price setting it up for us and Mike Higgins at US Foods cut us a good price on the machine.

Thanks to Kevin for researching models and pricing, ordering, and coordinating installation.

Ping Pong Tournament

23 Sep

Tomorrow the exciting action continues as we build towards the championship round of our ongoing ping pong tournament.  16 members entered the tournament and the seating was packed to watch today’s events.  Our newest client surprised us by competing right away and doing quite well (he’ll be a new power to watch out for).  We look forward to seeing who is crowned champion of the event!

Big Class Schedule Change

23 Sep

This is our first week trying out a new class schedule.  We’ve moved offsite trips to the mornings between 10:30am and noon and classes to the afternoons from 12:30pm to 1:30pm. 

We’ve made the change to accommodate the ACHIEVE weight loss study, whose staff need to be here in the afternoons.

Results are mixed so far — no one hates the change and some clients prefer it.  Several have said that the day seems to pass faster.

Next week Alisha will take over Psychology 101 from Melissa and will restart the popular Spirituality and World Religions class which I used to teach.  Alisha has taught this previously also a few years ago at our Dundalk clinic.

New Staff Members

23 Sep

The Aberdeen PRP has added two new staff members in the past several weeks.

Alisha Simmons has returned to Key Point after a stint at Baltimore County Crisis Response.  Alisha last worked as a rehabilitation counselor with our Dundalk PRP.  She is also enrolled as a graduate student in pastoral counseling at Loyola.

Bob Dempsey is highly experienced as both a professional driver and in positions requiring real people skills.  He has driven trucks, buses, owned a coffee shop, and assisted with the handicapped.

We are delighted to have both of these new employees join us!


23 Sep

Found a way to update pages.  Added new bios today for Alisha Simmons and Bob Dempsey.  Made minor bio edits throughout staff pages.  New program schedules for September and October 2010 are now online.  Our new class schedule has been posted.

Lots of news to follow as time permits.

Sonic Wall Problems

20 Sep

Hi — Having trouble updating the blog right now. Sonic Wall firewalls have a filter problem that is blocking Word Press servers. I just found a way to add new posts, but I can’t update existing pages while I am at work. I look forwards to updating program schedules, calendars, and staff bio pages as soon as I can!