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Book Review — Surviving Schizophrenia: A Manual for Families, Consumers and Providers

26 Apr

Article by Kevin Barnette

Surviving Schizophrenia: A Manual for Families, Consumers and Providers
By: E. Fuller Torrey, M.D

In this book Doctor Torrey first drew my attention to how many people in the U.S.A. and in other countries have this debilitating illness.  He also states that the US reports say that at any giving time there are between 250,000 & 550,000 mentally ill homeless people at any given time.  That is the same amount of individuals that are either incarcerated or in hospitals and institutions.  This book also discusses the cost of caring for a person with schizophrenia and answers some very serious questions about the treatment for the afflicted people dealing with this particular illness.

Some questions asked are.

  • Does schizophrenia change the underlying personality?
  • Are people with schizophrenia responsible for their behavior?
  • What are some of the signs and symptoms that a person with schizophrenia might exhibit.
  • What medications are available to those persons suffering this illness?
  • Can those with schizophrenia live a normal Life?
  • Where does this illness come from? Is it hereditary?

In conclusion I think that this book is an indispensable guide to one of today’s most misunderstood illness.  The book also covers a lot of statistics and facts that can be useful in many different way to help those who are living with schizophrenia and also their family and friends.  If we were too use this book as a guide to helping our clients and staff in understanding this illness, I think it would be a tremendous benefit to all those involved.


Art Show Open House — June 10th!

13 Apr

Key Point Art Show Open House

Thursday June 10th 12pm to 1:30pm

You are invited to:

The Key Point PRP Client Art Show
June 10th 2010
12:00pm -1:30pm
135 N. Parke St. Aberdeen, MD 21001

(Back side of building)

Refreshment will be served

The show will feature original artwork by Key Point Clients from Aberdeen, Dundalk, and Catonsville.

Please RSVP for more information and directions to Liz Tutino or Michael Reeder.  Email preferred, phone RSVPs also to 443-625-1524.

Artist of the Month: John

13 Apr

It’s been awhile since we posted our Artist of the Month.   Members of the client Advisory Board have now started posting the art displays for us.  This month’s artist is John.

Beatles & Rock Band 2 Come to PRP

12 Apr

The Aberdeen PRP now has a copy of the Beatles Rock Band game and the Rock Band 2 game for our Wii.

Clients have been learning to play air guitar and to sing vocals.  This can be quite challenging as chords and notes need to be hit right on-time in an increasingly complex pattern displayed on-screen next to cartoons of the Beatles and other rock bands playing the musical accompaniment.

In addition to the obvious recreational use, the games can serve as a focus for our Music class and as a social skills building experience.

Mural Completed in the Client Lounge

12 Apr

Billy has completed his full wall mural in our client lounge!  Thanks to Billy for his hard work and follow-through.

Click on image to enlarge:

Effective Screening for Co-Occurring Disorders

12 Apr

On Thursday April 1st, several Key Point staff attended the “Effective Screening and Assessment Practices for Co-Occurring Disorders” training held at Spring Grove Hospital Center.  This training was co-sponsored by MHA and the Univ. of MD Mental Health Services Training Center.  The main purpose was to introduce providers to effective, short screening instruments for discovering mental health clients with substance abuse issues.

The speaker was Tom Godwin from the Univ. of Maryland School of Medicine Evidence-Based Practices Center.  He went through the principles of COD (Co-Occurring Disorders) care, the case for screening and assessment, the steps to assessment, and several roleplay exercises.

I was very happy with the quality of the handouts.  The handouts contained:

  • a reference packet for finding dozens of inexpensive or free well-validated screening and assessment instruments.
  • a bullet list of the ways in which substance abuse and mental illness interrelate
  • a chart of common medical conditions resulting in mental disorder symptoms
  • common physical health concerns to watch for in persons who have used drugs and/or alcohol heavily
  • actual example instruments

Most likely the easiest and most widely used screening tools covered were the CAGE and CAGE-AID questionnaires.  In 4 to 6 questions a simple screening can be accomplished.  Screening instruments for different populations such as the RAPS4 (women and minorities), the TWEAK (pregnant women), and the MAST-G (older adults) were also included.

The workshop gave us lots to think about as we periodically assess our intake paperwork and procedures.

— Michael

High Five Fridays

12 Apr

We’ve started an experimental 15 minute check-in on Fridays called “High Five Fridays” to recognize and motivate clients working hard on their rehabilitation goals.

Clients are invited to tell success stories from the past week about goals they have achieved or worked hard on.  Staff also nominate one client each from their caseloads for recognition.  Clients receive applause and small tokens of appreciation for their hard work — usually accomplished during Goal Time.

We also expect stories to be shared about alternatives and activities clients can join in on and ideas they migh twish to try.

Last week all clients were thanked for their flexibility and willingness to work on personal goals and keep folders logging their activities during Goal Time.

I’m curious to see how this works.

— Michael