Archive | March, 2010

New Mural Taking Shape in Client Lounge

22 Mar

One of our chief resident artists, Billy, is making quick work of a large mural in the client lounge that the Client Advisory Board has been planning for some time.

The board spent quite a while pouring over photographs looking for scenes that they thought would be appropriate and atractive.  Billy is now executing on a wall-size reproduction of the photo along with his own artistic touches.

We look forward to posting a photo of the completed masterpiece once the detail work is accomplished.


Diversity Class

22 Mar

Melissa has been covering Diversity Class lately for Sabrina.  I like this whiteboard snapshot I took after class one day on what diversity is:

Easter, Ostara, and Spring Are Here

22 Mar

The snow has melted and Spring has arrived!

Art Forges Forth

22 Mar

Our art endeavors continue to push forward with interesting projects.

Attached below are pictures of:

a) A banner from a workshop on creativity, and

b) The creatively messy staging area for a number of colorful bird houses that are having their paint dry.

Relaxation Station

22 Mar

Here are some pictures from our Relaxation Station in the client lounge.  These materials are primarily for use during goal time.  Clients may practice yoga, meditation, and guided visualizations.  Now we have also added a lightbox for seasonal affective disorder and a biofeedback device.

Most of these options support goals related to stress and anxiety reduction.  All of these support clients taking more personal control over their recovery.

We have also have yoga mats and several direction sheets on-hand.