Goal Time

26 Feb

The Aberdeen PRP is launching a new schedule on Monday that we are very excited about.  Every morning contains a 45 minute period known as “Goal Time”.

The purposes of Goal Time are:

  • to allow more 1-on-1 time for rehab counselors to meet with clients to discuss individual issues and work on their individual goals.
  • to provide time for clients to work on their own individual goals and track what they did in personal folders.
  • to allow client-run (and perhaps staff-run) small groups which support individual goals that several clients have in common.
  • to allow client-run clubs at a time that does not compete with our offsite trips.

The idea of a dedicated daily time for clients to work on their rehab plan goals is in accordance with both the recovery model as well as the ideal of self empowerment.  Goal Time is in addition to our staff-run classes.

Clients can work individually or in small groups.  The client lounge will contain a number of relaxation exercise stations for biofeedback, yoga, meditation, and music.

Room 150 has crafting projects at the ready.  The computer lab can be used for job searches or touch typing practice.  Clients working on social skills might play a board game or trivia game.  Clients working on fitness might play Wii Fit or take a short walk.

Client clubs in the past have included a nail group, a wrestling video group, and a Wii gaming group.  There is some current interest in a computer skills instruction club.

Staff may also find this time convenient for pulling together 3 or 4 clients on their caseload who share similar needs.  Otherwise they will be pulling clients into their offices for 1-on-1 time during this period.

This will be an evolving project — we are curious to see what ideas clients and staff come up with and how motivated clients are when working on their own.

— Michael


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