TRIBES! — New Class

1 Feb

By Liz Tutino

(Liz & Jeff run this class on Thursdays)

Reality TV has inspired a new program at the Aberdeen PRP. On February 11, 2010 TRIBES will make its debut. TRIBES, an acronym for Team up for Recreational, Intellectual, Bonding Exercises, fosters teambuilding, socialization, and intellectual stimulation in a fun environment.

Twice a month at the PRP clients will gather in groups, designated by a specific animal, called “tribes.”  A series of interactive group games will be played and teams will score points based on their performance.

In January clients previewed this concept and played three games.  In the Number Game each member of a tribe was given a digit from 1 -5.  The MC called out a 5 digit number and teams had to arrange themselves to display that number correctly.  The first team to arrange themselves in the correct order won and scored points.  This was played for several rounds and quite a fun competition developed. The second game was a baby food guessing game.  In this competition one member of the team was selected to taste 10 jars of baby food and identify the contents. This was not an easy task as everything tasted the same! Points were given for each correct answer and bonus points were given if tribes could beat a staff member also doing the tasting.  The third game is called the “Ah, Um Game.”  Each team selected a representative and they were given a topic.  They had to stand up and talk about that topic for one minute without saying “ah” or “um” This was a tricky game and only one tribe scored points.

In February tribes will be scoring points doing similar activities.  The tribe that scores the most points each week will gain the privilege of getting meals first and getting on the vans first for trips.  Points will accumulate for the month and at the end of the month the tribe with the most points will be treated to lunch or another exciting prize.


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