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Birthdays, Birthdays

28 Jan

PRP did a double celebration today of all the December and January birthdays.


New Psych 101 Class

28 Jan

By Melissa Potemra

Psych 101 is a class that has been taught at the PRP in the past, and was recently reintroduced due to client interest.  In this class, educational material is presented pertaining to mental illnesses, related symptoms, and coping skills.  Informative discussions concerning these topics are applied, and participants are encouraged to share their experiences, knowledge, ideas and insight within the group.

The class is extremely beneficial to clients, as it provides them with valuable information about their diagnoses and symptoms, as well as ways to manage and cope with them.  Sharing personal experiences with others in the class also helps to create solidarity and support amongst each other.

(Melissa is teaching Psych 101 2x per month on Wednesdays starting in February.)

New Domestic Violence Resources

28 Jan

I’ve beefed up the Aberdeen PRP’s library of workbooks on domestic violence help.

I’ve ordered:

Healing the Trauma of Domestic Violence: A Workbook for Women

Healing the Trauma of Abuse: A Woman’s Workbook

This is an especially tough topic to deal with in this population.  Over time I’ve come across situations where:

  • Clients have an even harder time than is usual for battered women getting out of such situations given lack of housing and financial options.
  • Potentially abusive partners have been rep payees for the client.

Workbooks like these serve to provide awareness of the options and enhancement exercises for self-esteem.  They are also quite useful as educational sources for our counselors.

— Michael

New Creative Writing Class

28 Jan

By Melissa Potemra

Creative writing is a class that is just as much fun to teach as it is to participate in.  Writing and using ones imagination is a healthy, personal way to express thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  It also helps participants to focus/concentrate, to share ideas, and to interact with peers.

Each week a different topic is introduced, and the class has an allotted time to write about it.  Spelling and grammar do not apply!  It is all about creativity and self expression.  Participants are then encouraged, but not required, to share their creation with the group.  Everyone in the group is given his/her own personal journal in which to write each week.

I have taught this class in the past at another PRP, and it was very successful with the clients.  They enjoyed expressing themselves through writing, and most of them felt comfortable and looked forward to sharing their creations with the group.  The class was also very rewarding to me, as I was able to have a part in assisting others in finding creative, fun and healthy ways to express themselves.

(Melissa and Lyneia are teaching Creative Writing on Mondays starting in February.)

New Class and Trip Schedules

25 Jan

We are updating our weekly class schedule:

  • Melissa will be bringing back Psych 101 by popular demand of our client advisory council.
  • Michael is retiring the Spirituality and World Religions class for awhile.  He will be taking over the Emotional Management class full-time from Liz who has done a great job with it.
  • Liz will be taking on the new Tribes team activity days on Thursdays along with Jeff.  More on this initiative in a future posting.
  • Melissa and Lyneia will be co-teaching the creative writing class Melissa started in January — the first one that Aberdeen PRP has had in several years.
  • Kevin will be cutting back his Nutrition classes to monthly after a long and successful educational run.

Liz is considering adding more arts and crafts items into the mix of her Art & Art History class — also in response to recent client feedback concerning what they would like to see at our program.

February’s trips and special events calendar features a pizza party on Thursday Feb 11th and “Big Money Bingo” on two Mondays during the month.  These events are part of an ongoing experiment to see what sorts of special events most excite our members.

Please download our new schedules in the Programs and Trips section by clicking here.

— Michael

Thank You La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

4 Jan

The Aberdeen PRP (and other departments as well) would like to thank La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Towson for their kind donation of canned goods and Walmart gift cards.

We raffled off the gift card and canned goods given to our PRP at our recent holiday party.   The lucky clients were very pleased.

Below are some photos from their donations table earlier this fall.  Please click on the photo to enlarge it: