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Bill, Sports 101, and Boxing’s Past

20 Nov

Bill Doehing has an interesting past.  In the late 1960s and early 1970s he was a prize ring fighter.  His father was a middle weight contender and ring manager who introduced Bill at age 12 to heavyweight champion  Rocky Marciano.

Bill is bringing his knowledge of sports and boxing to the Harford County PRP for a temporary 8-week class on Fridays.   Each week participating clients will hear the biography of a famous boxer and learn a bit of boxing lore.

Early reports are encouraging — today was the first class and several clients actually lined up afterwards to continue asking Bill questions.

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Bill’s Rocky Marciano picture given to him at age 12 by Rocky.
Bill and his portrait from promo photo for his last professional fight.
Bill in 1971.

Art Therapy Seminar

20 Nov


By Liz Tutino

I recently had the opportunity to attend a workshop, hosted by Pastoral Counseling of Maryland, on Art Therapy presented by Peggy Kolodny, MA, ATR-BC, CPC.  This seminar gave an overview of art therapy theories, techniques, and interventions.  Kolodny presented 6 years of art work done by a client diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder.  The client’s artwork was an excellent example of the client’s growing insight into her illness and clearly reflected the growth and healing through the last 6 years of therapy.  Kolodny discussed the three stages of art therapy which include establishing a safe environment, depicting the trauma narrative, and restoring the self.  The client’s art displayed repeated themes and metaphors.

The seminar discussed the neuroscience of art therapy and how creative works can tap into a client’s sensory memory and give the client an outlet for expressing emotions that they may have trouble verbalizing.  The art can also be used as a self-soothing technique.  Kolodny provided many examples of art therapy directives as well as a complete list of resources.



New Drug and Alcohol Education Materials

16 Nov

I like to update our class curriculum materials occasionally to keep materials fresh.  Sabrina and Kevin have been doing some research into drug and alcohol education books that they think will provide useful lesson plans with concrete action steps and easy to understand handouts.   We are meeting periodically as we work to freshen the lesson plans.

They recommended and I have ordered:

1) Overcoming Your Alcohol or Drug Problem: Effective Recovery Strategies Workbook

2) Substance Abuse & Recovery Workbook

3) The Dual Diagnosis recovery Book

I’m looking forward to seeing these books and perhaps writing or getting one of them to write a review.

— Michael

Lazaro — Artist of the Month

13 Nov

Lazaro is this month’s Artist of the Month.  We have several clients who are highly engaged in our art classes and museum trips.  Thanks Lazaro for your hard work and interest and letting us feature your work on this website and in our client lounge.

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Client Creativity and Poetry

13 Nov


By Liz Tutino & Darline M.

On Our Own, a mental health advocacy and education group, presented a seminar called Discovering Your Recovery Muse at the PRP on September 16th.  This interactive workshop challenged clients to find creative expressions that they could use to enhance their recovery journey.  The workshop explored how creative expressions, such as music, art, and dance, can help people heal and can be an integral component in the recovery process.

Clients participated in creating a mural which listed where they find creative inspiration. Depicted on the mural were poetry, music, nature, art, church, other people, love, sunshine, and dancing.  In addition to creating the mural client’s did the “Twist”, played percussion instruments, and listened to various music selections and identified how they music made them feel.

On Our Own challenged clients to do something creative every day, notice the impact creativity has on the recovery process, and share their creativity with others.

Many PRP clients are already actively expressing themselves.  One client is a drummer for his church worship band and another client writes poetry each week.  We have a 65 year -old client who loves to dance and was the winner of a twist dance contest at a local Seniors Dance.  Another client has his art work in a special exhibit at the Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore.  Key Point has many classes that support and enhance using creative expression including Yoga, Art History, Qigong, and a popular music class.

To illustrate how creative expression can be used in the recovery process one of our clients has graciously allowed her poetry to be shared on the blog.


Spending Time With You

By Darline M.

Though your one of my voices I’ve come to be a friend of yours

I am so used to you being there, we are like mates in our cores.

My doctor’s trying to kill you

But without you I wouldn’t know what to do.

So I am spending time with you

You have inspired me, yet you have brought me grief.

I am the island and you have become my reef.

For awhile now we have been arguing and it gets me mad

But if my meds keep working my voices will die – and I don’t know if I’d be glad

The things you tell me I want to believe – though I don’t know if it’s true

So I turn to Jesus and The Father to tell me what to do

Until I get an answer I am spending time with you.