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Fall Decor is Up

25 Sep

Summer has sadly come to an end, but the new fall decor is up!

Soon hayrides and pumpkins will be upon us.

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New Healthy Lifestyles Class

25 Sep

erin_2_final1 By Erin McPherson

Healthy Lifestyles is a new class that was created with the idea of giving our clients another chance to learn about and discuss healthy ways to lose weight, understand nutrition, and make good decisions.  The class will also include 20 to 25 minutes of low impact exercising done mostly while seated in the classroom.  I hope that everyone who attends this class will find it helpful and it will encourage some to make better food and exercise choices throughout their day.

During the first half of class, clients will be encouraged to join in on class discussions related to becoming healthier people.  During the second half of class everyone will chose 4 low impact exercises such as leg extensions or arm circles so that everyone in class, regardless of physical disability, is able to participate.  Each individual exercise will be assigned a suit in a deck of cards then everyone will take turns pulling cards at random which will dictate what exercise is done and how many reps.  This should get everyone’s heart pumping and blood circulating in the morning!

Summer and Fall Special Activities

25 Sep

Liz_2_Final2By Liz Tutino

Fall is on its way but we have lots of warm summer memories to reflect on.  PRP clients took advantage of the Aberdeen Summer Concert series in Aberdeen Park.  Once each month clients attended concerts in the park on Tuesday evenings.  By far the favorite concert was the Army Band who not only played patriotic songs for the 4th of July but songs which were popular during major wars and conflicts during the last few decades.  It was especially moving to hear them play the themes from all the major branches of the armed services and to applaud those who have served – including two of our clients.  The second concert got our members singing and dancing to favorite rock and roll tunes.  Unfortunately, it rained during the last concert.  We tried to listen to the music in the van but had difficulty hearing so we moved our outing to McDonald’s.

Our vegetable garden had a bumper crop of tomatoes and green beans.  Each week we would raffle off fresh vegetables to clients.  With all of the extra tomatoes Kevin, out kitchen manager, made a fresh tomato and mozzarella cheese salad to enjoy during lunch.

With one successful season under our belt we will be planning another garden for next summer.

The 25 mile club has also reached completion. There were 5 clients who tracked how many miles they went on the treadmill and stationary bike.  Clients worked out on the equipment at the PRP and during our weekly trip to the YMCA. Two clients reached over 50 miles!

Fall is looking to be just as full as the summer.  In additional to our daily functional shopping trips we have some optional trips planned to take advantage of the fall weather.

In September we have trips planned to the Baltimore Museum of Art and Millburn Orchards in Elkton.  At the Baltimore Museum of Art we are planning to see some of the original compositions of the artists we have studied in Art History class.  To celebrate fall we will pick some apples and get some cider at the orchard. At the end of the month the PRP is trying a new activity called Disc Golf.  This is a Frisbee game that is has a course of 18 holes like golf.  The object is to get the Frisbee in a metal basket according to the “par” for that hole.   In October we are planning to pick pumpkins at a local farm and also attended a guided tour at Steppingstone Museum to see what farm life was like in the 1800’s in Harford County.

25-Mile Club Closed

25 Sep

Liz recently closed the 25 Mile Club after a successful run of several months.  All the initial participants reached 25 miles, and two participants reached over 50 miles!

It is a new season and getting cold — time for new activities.

New Class and Offsite Schedules Posted

25 Sep

I have posted a new daily class schedule and the new October offsite trip schedule.

The new class schedule preserves most of our existing classes, while moving them around to rebalance for staff member Jenn leaving us shortly.   Erin is starting a new class called Healthy Lifestyles that combines weight management and healthy eating tips with exercise.  Liz and I are starting a class called Emotional Management that teaches concrete skills for handling difficult emotions and relationships.  It’s based on a curriculum for Borderline Personality Disorder, but a lot of the skills are applicable to anger issues and anxiety as well.  We are keeping yoga and world religions, but alternating those two classes on Fridays at 2x per month each.

— Michael

Class & Schedule Updates

4 Sep

The new September offsite trip schedule has been posted.

We also have a new weekly class schedule. Cyndi Lewis with our training department is a certified WRAP facilitator.  She will be starting a WRAP class for interested clients on Fridays.