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Art Show Pictures

27 May

On May 11th 2009 all of the Key Point PRPs got together and hosted an Art Show Open House at our Aberdeen location.

We have added a new Art Show photo section to the Photo Tours section.  Click here to see it.

See our articles here and here for more information about the event.


Qigong Class Today

22 May

Heaven_Mountain_CroppedI could not have been more pleased with the way today’s first Qigong class went.  Ramon Martinez with Heaven Mountain Gongfu did a really good job.  First he put everyone at ease with his morning meeting announcement.  He maintained humor and lightheartedness throughout the class.  He started with easy movements that everyone could follow and yet see benefit from.  Several persons (including myself) could feel some tingling throughout the body as we progressed (Chi energy moving?).

We had 12 clients join us including 2 on walkers — not bad for day one.  Staff members from Residential, IT, and Admin joined us.  I like the staff participation — it shows clients this is important and it helps equalize everyone.  I noticed that the class was able to hold the appropriate attention of ALL of the clients in attendance for the entire hour — including a few clients who are otherwise symptomatic right now.

We got to do the class in a shaded area outside in perfect weather. It was the subject of no small amusement to observe all the members of the health club next door watching us as they went in and out of the club — no doubt wondering how they missed the announcement of a new health club Qigong class!

I’m looking forwards to next week.

— Michael

Art Show Thoughts & Thanks

14 May

I would like to thank everyone who came to visit the Aberdeen PRP this past Monday for our Art Show Open House.  We had folks from our localDSCF1931 CSA, DSS and Project HOME, Abilities Network, Service Coordination Inc., and more.  An entire van of Dundalk PRP clients attended.  Several clients brightened-up as they showed care providers and parents around the facility.

The quality and breadth of the artwork was a bit breath-taking.  I was amazed with the poerty section — I had no idea we had such talented writers.  I think we need to consider writing and poetry class offerings.

We had an entire large section of the show devoted to the many talented artists at the Dundalk PRP location.  Sonya not only sent paintings and drawings, but also the woodshop photo album and a spectacular model of a church built there.

As soon as I can, I will post an art and poerty page in the Photo Tours section.

Liz did a tremendous job organizing this event, with the asistance of several staff.  Kevin played a key role in organizing the food reception for guests.  Thanks!

— Michael

New Class Schedule

14 May

I’m jazzed about the new class schedule that we are rolling out on Monday.  You can see it by clicking here.

We have added several exciting new elements:

  • Qigong/Tai Chi — Taught by outside instructor Ramon Martinez of Heaven Mountain Gongfu in Fallston, MD.   Mondays & Fridays.
  • Gardening — Both instruction and hands-on work.  A bunch of our staff are going over to the site on Monday to break ground and prepare the way.  Tuesdays & Fridays.
  • Intercultural Diversity with new staff member Sabrina.   I hear her first class was well-received today with 12 clients showing up.  She will also be teaching relationship skills class at some future point.
  • Gold Group — a special skills class providing additional attention to targeted clients.

I am planning on meeting with staff to change around some of the afternoon trips as well to incorporate new locations starting in June.  Several new trips have been suggested by our client advisory board.

Click here to see the new schedule.

— Michael

Qi Gong (Tai Chi) is Set to Start May 18th

8 May

Our Qi Gong/Tai Chi classes will start 2x per week for 6 weeks on May 18th.  The contract is signed (thank you CEO Karl) and the instructor is ready to begin.  These classes are for clients and staff.

In addition to many other health benefits, Qi Gong and Tai Chi are proven of benefit to the elderly struggling with balance and worried about falls.

More information available at the links below:



Here are a few links on the health benefits — both scientifically proven and otherwise:

YOUTUBE VIDEOS OF TAI CHI: (a senior center) (a senior center) (a senior center) (regular people) (a Chinese master showing off)

Art Show Open House!

8 May

I spent a portion of the afternoon helping get ready for the Art Show on Monday — which hopefully if you are reading this you are coming to.  Several counselors and clients hung artwork, set-up tables, and generally got ready.  Thanks to Erin and most especially Liz for doing most of the set-up.

I’m excited — the PRP walls are looking really good.  We have several rooms filled with client artwork.  Much of it is in the style of specific great artists from history whom we have studied.  Some of it was in support of the gardening grant proposal.

On Monday we will be open to invited members of the public to vote on favorite artwork, eat some snacks, and find out more about our program.

— Michael

Thank You Trevon!

8 May

trevon_2_finalOur long-time CCBC Essex intern, Trevon Cumberbatch, left today.  He will be missed.  He got a BIG round of applause from the clients this morning.

Trevon is comfortable running presentations in front of large groups.  Towards the end Trevon was helping organize and run a 50 minute Nutrition class once every two weeks.  He gladly and without prompting engaged clients in activities such as playing pool.  He taught a few clients 1-on-1 how to utilize our exercise room equipment in a weekly class.  Trevon happily helped out on trips and with kitchen duties in a pinch.

He’s graduating from CCBC and moving on to pursue a 4-year bachelor’s degree in social work at UMBC.

Thanks Trevon.