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New Staff Member: Sabrina Jennings

27 Apr

sabrina_2_finalThe Aberdeen PRP is very pleased to welcome our latest staff member, Sabrina Jennings!  Sabrina is finishing her bachelor’s degree at Stevenson University (formerly Villa Julie) this May.  She recently completed her social work internship at Harford Memorial Hospital.

I’m delighted to have her on staff, in part because her internship gives her experience with psychiatric issues and presentations which new graduates often don’t have.  Her cheerful personality is already starting to win over staff and clients.

Sabrina will be busy studying our systems and taking trainings for the next week or so, and then starting to manage a client caseload and teach some new yet-to-be-determined classes.

More on Sabrina can be found here.

— Michael


Art Show Open House May 11th 12:00pm – 1:30pm

27 Apr
PRP Art Show Open House May 11th 12:00pm – 1:30pm

You are invited to:

The Key Point PRP Client Art Show
May 11th 2009
12:00pm -1:30pm
135 N. Parke St. Aberdeen, MD 21001

Refreshment will be served

The show will feature original artwork by Key Point Clients from Aberdeen, Dundalk, and Catonsville.

Liz’s art and art history class has been working through a home school curriculum featuring several famous artists.  This has inspired our clients to try their hands at art works in the style of the famous artists.  They have also completed lots of artwork on the themes of gardening and personal growth.

Sonya Myers reports that a few of the clients at Key Point Catonsville and Dundalk locations have been featured in recent art and poetry publications.  We look forward to their work and the work of other clients from all our locations being featured at the show.

Please RSVP for more information and directions to Liz Tutino or Michael Reeder.

Spring Has Sprung!

20 Apr

liz_2_finalby Liz Tutino

(Special thanks to the many clients who worked (and continue to work) on this project.   Thanks Kevin, Liz, and Trevon for your efforts guiding the planting, the clean-up, and buying the supplies.  — Michael)

Spring has sprung! Last week Harford PRP clients were busy welcoming flowers3spring.  On Thursday and Friday 10 clients grabbed work gloves, trays of flowers, rakes, and a wheelbarrow to do their part to help get Key Point ready for the warm weather.  Clients helped clean up leftover fall leaves, pulled weeds, planted flowers, and spread fresh mulch in several flower beds around the Key Point building.  In addition, flower boxes were filled with marigolds and hanging flowers1planters full of geraniums were hung at the gazebo.  While enjoying the warm weather clients worked as a team and designed the flower beds.  Some of the comments made that day were “It feels good to work outside”, “I’ve never planted flowers before”, and “This looks really nice.”

Thanks to all the clients who participated and beautified the landscape.


On Our Own Seminars

16 Apr

ooomdlogoKristen Myers, Training Coordinator with On Our Own of Maryland, has nicely agreed to bring two of their seminars around to the Aberdeen PRP.  We will be discussing:

“Steps to a Healthier You” discusses simple and effective ways to be well, concentrating on steps clients can take to improve their diet and exercise programs.  “Discovering Your Recovery Muse” is about ways to use creativity to enhance recovery from mental illness.

Flyers on the two workshops are linked to above, or available here.

Looking forwards to the training and discussion.

— Michael

Nicotine Addiction Class

10 Apr

erin_2_finalBy Erin McPherson

During the Mental Illness/Substance Abuse (MISA) class on Thursday April 9th, we got into a great discussion about nicotine addiction.  I was able to share my experience of when I quit smoking and the emotional changes I experienced.  I explained to everyone that when I quit smoking I felt as though I had lost a best friend, and over half of the people participating in MISA that day shared similar experiences.  This turned into a great discussion about the emotional ties we have to our addictions and what coping skills worked for everyone.

I really enjoy leading classes that allow me to share personal experiences.  I feel by doing this it helps me connect better with the class participates and shows them that I do know where they are coming from and I do understand.  I received many compliments and I gave positive feedback to everyone who shared and joined the class discussion.  Over the next few weeks I will be transitioning out of the co-leader of MISA position and I am glad to have been apart of such a rewarding class.

— Erin

Tai Chi and Qigong?

10 Apr

Looking for instructors in the Aberdeen area for Tai Chi and Qigong willing to consider running classes in our setting for staff and clients.  There seem to be very few such instructors in Aberdeen and the instructor at the local senior center is too busy.  Anyone have any leads for us?

— Michael Now Operational

10 Apr

Our URL address has changed. is now operational as the preferred URL for this blog.  Our old URL ( ) will still work too.

Thanks to Key Point’s IT guys Erik and Jason for getting this hooked-up.

— Michael