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CQT Visit Results

27 Mar

We did quite well on the surprise Consumer Quality Team (CQT) visit on 3-17-09.  This was the first unannounced visit – from now on they will be unannounced.

They interviewed 6 people (fewer than previous visits) and all 6 agreed or strongly agreed with their survey questions:

  • Staff and I decide my recovery goals together
  • Staff at this program treat me with respect and dignity
  • Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of services I receive at this program
  • Staff here believe I can change, grow, and recover
  • If I had other choices, I would still get services from this agency

The random comments were largely positive.  I don’t see any trends at all in the few negative comments.  We have a todo item to help a client get a hearing aid  (it was already being addressed).

— Michael


Garden Grant & Art Slideshow

20 Mar


by Liz Tutino

Recently, Key Point Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) has applied for a grant from the Fiskar’s corporation.  This grant, called Project Orange Thumb, provides gardening tools and supplies to communities in order to promote and develop community gardens.  We are working on plans to start a gardening class and are hopeful to bring this to fruition this spring.  (Article continues below pictures)

depression1 growth1 hope2

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Food & Nutrition Class Update

17 Mar


by Kevin Barnette

Well It has been a very exciting week in Food & Nutrition Class. Once again we embarked on a topic that captivated the class and raised a lot of questions. We have been talking about a little known mental disorder called SAD — also know as Seasonal Affective Disorder. It seems that during the winter months with shorter days and lack of sunlight a lot more people become mildly depressed.  But for those suffering with SAD, the winter months can be devastating.  We learned that our bodies take in the sunlight with certain UVA & UVB rays and transform them into a much needed vitamin that has shown significant improvement in the treatment of SAD.  And that vitamin is… Vitamin D.  Yes, good old vitamin D.  It is in some foods but most of the time vitamin D is fortified into many products.  Below is a web site article that I found from the Vitamin D Council that explains the significance of sunlight and vitamin D together and how these effect those suffering with the symptoms of SAD.  Enjoy.

Employed Individuals With Disabilities

13 Mar

Michael Dalto, Work Incentives Project Director at the Maryland Department of Disabilities, sent us as article outlining recent changes in the Employed Individuals with Disabilities (EID) Program.  The new regulations will enable EID applicants to save more in certain retirement accounts; qualify applicants for EID in some cases if they have not been approved for SSDI or SSI benefits; and set a new premium structure.  Continue reading

Recovery on the Radio

13 Mar


By Steve Cannon

When asked to think of a radio celebrity, several personalities come to mind. One generation may think of Orson Welles timeless War of the Worlds broadcast that sent an entire populous running from a fictional alien invasion.  Another may think of Andy Rooney reading his news commentary straight from his script, even announcing the page number he was turning to.  The younger generation may think of shock jock Howard Stern as he was fired from one radio affiliate to the next creating conflict with management wherever he went.

However, in-between the easy listening stations and the kings of media, there has been one low-key media producer, Bill Lichtenstein, who has been toting the banner of mental health and social justice issues for more than a decade and a half on public radio.  Bill Lichtenstein is the founder and president of LCMedia.  His career history started in broadcast and investigative journalism leading to his original media production called Voices of an Illness in 1992. Voices of an Illness is a three-part broadcast series that documents patient’s first-hand experiences with mental illness covering clinical depression, bipolar, and schizophrenia — all while winning critical acclaim and numerous awards.  Additionally, Bill added to Voices of an Illness his own story of recovery from manic-depression after his first hospitalization.  The praise from Voices of an Illness led to the creation of The Infinite Mind, a weekly public radio series started in 1998.  The series is hosted by Dr. James Goodwin and each episode features a central topic related to mental health stigma/social issues, therapy for neurological disorders, or documenting the human element of experiencing mental illness.  The presentation is smart and informative with guest interviews divided into 20 minute segments of an hour long episode.  A variety of guests are interviewed ranging from people in recovery, mental health advocates, doctors and therapists, and family members of a loved one who has mental illness.  The Infinite Mind places emphasis on informing its listeners allowing anyone to learn something regardless of their experience with mental illness.

This month the Harford PRP’s Recovery from Mental Illness group will be using a broadcast from The Infinite Mind entitled “Four Lives”.  The episode interviews four different people in recovery telling their story about living with mental illness.  Participants in the class will use the episode to center a discussion on how people in the broadcast manage their lives and illness. For application, Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), will be introduced to reflect where recovery efforts, when applied and working, assists the people interviewed in the broadcast.

For more information on media publications from LCMedia visit their webpage at

Food Station Updates

9 Mar

kevin_3_finalKevin has added client-requested improvements to the coffee and condiments table in the community room in response to several client requests.

First he added a large coffee urn to help with the continual problem of running out of coffee in the mornings.  This problem should now be licked.

He also added a restaurant quality microwave for client use.  At first I thought we could accept a donated used microwave but that proved not feasible as equipment at our facility has to adhere to restaurant rather than home codes.


Birthday Celebrations

9 Mar

balloonLast month Liz volunteered to restart our system forliz_2_final honoring client birthdays.  Honoring milestones is very important when you are actively engaged in building a community.

We now have cupcakes about once per month and other activities to celebrate.